About us

We design and create unique pet lifestyle products for dogs,
cats, and their design-conscious owners.
Our stylish pet furniture are the perfect combination of function and design.
We strongly believe that it’s not necessary for pet owners to compromise style
for function when it comes to choosing pet furniture.

We know from firsthand experience that dogs love to chew on wood,
thus damaging many of your loving wood-based furniture.
Therefore, it was a no-brainer that our pet furniture
had to be durable enough to withstand scratch and
chewing –and still look good while doing so.
Vision Mission

How we Started

          The name Equip came directly from its definition;
to furnish or provide with whatever is needed for use or for any undertaking.
Equip was founded in 2018 by a landscape architect plus a group of animal lovers to bring some excitement,
color, and good design to the pet furniture market. It’s all started when we are on the hunt for modern pet furniture.
We came to realized that it is nearly impossible to find modern, well-designed products that are not made of wood.
Nothing fit in with the design aesthetic of our home
and we wondered: why shouldn’t there be an alternative material besides wood?
So we set out to solve that problem, and Equip was born.



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15/1 RatchapruekRoad, Bangchueaknang Taling-Chan, Bangkok 10170 Thailand